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Najim Anafi Said

What Mr. Najim Anafi Said

I am Mr Najim Anafi, on behalf of my family, I wish to extend our gratitude and appreciation to Matilda Care Path Foundation for the support accorded my son Anafi Awal during our times of trial. I want to specially thank Mrs Matilda Ariemu for the motherly role she played all through the period of my son Awal’s treatment in India. At 2
months old, we discovered that our son Awal had a hole in the heart and the Doctors informed us that he would need surgery abroad. He fell sick often and this made my Wife to frequently take him to cardiac clinic to manage the complications. Because of my busy schedule in Lagos, I moved my wife and child closer to my parents in
Ilorin where she continued to take him to see Dr. Abdulkadir M.B for routine clinics at Unilorin Teaching Hospitality for proper care. We were told that the surgery is compulsory and might cost up to 2 million Naira to treat abroad.

Unfortunately i had no such money and could only endured the pain of seeing my son fall ill from time to time while i continued to look for help. We did not relent to seek for help until we met Mrs Matilda Ariemu through one of the directors of another heart foundation, who connected us to her, because of the urgency of our case, Who immediately rendered all kinds of support.
On an occasion, the Hospital that invited my son through her initiative, requested for an updated echo report, Mrs Matilda quickly made all arrangements to take my and child and two other children to Lagos University Teaching Hospital to meet Dr Ekure E.N for a new test which she later sent to the Hospital in India. That was to my
amazement, her zeal and drive to assist and show concern to our children.
On another instance, she made arrangements to introduce my family to her expatriate friends who raised money for their airfares and other needs.
On reaching India, after two weeks stay at Hospital ward my wife and child were transferred to another Hospital because my son was diagnosed with other ailments like sickle cell anemia, spleen problem and was dangerous to operate. It was said to be high risk and that other Doctors would need to treat him first and if they could not manage, he would be returned to Nigeria without the needed surgery.
And there was additional expense cost. Because of my faith in God, I pleaded with Madam Matilda who was with them at the time to allow the Doctors to perform the surgery, though it was against all odds, she was also encouraged by my confidence and together we put our trust in God and asked the Doctors to try all their best possible.
To God be the Glory, the operation was successful after all complications were taken care of. My son Awal has been active ever since they returned from India for over a year now.
Our muslim fellow society member are extremely happy to know about the selfless service without any discrimination of creed or religion.
I heartily thank Mrs Matilda and all donors and i wish them more blessings for many years to come.

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