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Mrs. Elizabeth Oseni Testifies

My name is Mrs Elizabeth Oseni, residing in Itele, Ota Ogun State. I want to thank God specially for the life of my son Jacob Oseni, who was diagnosed to have a hole in the heart at the Lagos State
University Teaching Hospital.
With the support of Mrs Matilda Ariemu of Matilda Care Path Heart Foundation and all well meaning Nigerians she contacted in respect of my son’s heart situation, my son Jacob got a new lease of life.
For a family like ours who is just managing our little resources, we discovered that our child was having a hole in heart since he was born but could not help him until he was eight years old in 2013 because of financial constraints.

God has, through Mrs Matilda shown us a new ray of hope for Jacob, We are indebted to Matilda Care Path Heart
Foundation. God bless you all, we pray for your health and long life.
For the treatment of Jacob, we consulted a number of Doctors both in Lagos and Ogun State but was told that his treatment would be abroad and were disappointed at the high cost of the treatment which is beyond our capacity. But we learnt about Mrs Matilda Foundation through my cousin who works at the records department of Lagos State
University Teaching Hospital. We got all directions and presented our son Jacob.

Madam Matilda helped us immensely until my son eventually traveled to India for the surgery. She personally took us for some additional medical tests and also presented us to meet some donors who selflessly
came to our aid.
To cut the story short, at Matilda Foundation, our difficulties and anxiety were cleared shortly. My son was taken to India and graced a new life for which we heartily thank Mrs Matilda. May the Lord bless you with ever progressive future.

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