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Get To Know About Us

Before Matilda Care Path Health Foundation, was established in the year 2014, it was already involved in rendering assistance in the areas of medical treatment to the under privileged people through the support of some good spirited friends, who have shared  the same passion with one of its founder Mrs Matilda Adeola Ariemu. In consonance with some well meaning friends and persons, we have contributed our quota from our humble recourses to assist some ailing children who came across our path to get medical treatment outside our shores, which is not readily available. In the present time, heart problem is very much common not only in the city but also in the rural parts of the country. But the condition of most people with this problem is depressing, because of the high cost of getting access to the specialized medical care services.

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Matilda Carepath Health Foundation was established in 2014, with a broader  aim of providing timely medical treatment to the underprivileged children who are suffering from life treating diseases, through its, heart, cancer, medical and orthopedics charity funds. It is a nonprofit Organization.  Matilda Care Path Health Foundation was established to continue the work of her primary initiative.
Timely medical intervention is the only hope for these children to lead normal healthy lives, many of these children due to financial constraints constantly live in pains and on routine medications which are sometimes erratic and many still do not survive its pangs.

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Through cooperative efforts between benevolent donors and our associate Hospitals, 30 families have benefitted within the short span of its inception. Since the foundation mission serves those patients who belong to the lower economic strata, the services are rendered free of cost to each beneficiary.


This has been possible with the cooperation of our partners Hospitals and well meaning individuals who have selflessly supported our vision. With a record of treating the most complex medical cases and having more than 30 children who have benefitted within the short period of its establishment, we are specially thankful to God Almighty and keep striving to do more, because there are more to be done.


TO continue to create awareness to various ways to preventing diseases, even congenital diseases can be avoided or reduced to a barest minimum stage if proper information / education are given at the earlier stage.
We uses our platform to advocate for co-operation of every well many individual entity to participate in ameliorate the pain of the distressed, for the one who loves another has fulfilled the law.

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